Thursday, September 15, 2011

New blog look!

Need opinions on the new blog look! 

What should be changed? What should stay the same? 

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Hair Bow Holder

I am back! :)

I have really missed blogging over the past 2 months! Although I have not been able to make many things to share with you so my being here wouldn't have been much fun for you. But now I'm back and with a project to share!  (I have had this done for a few days but unfortunately my computer is older than dirt and I reeaaaalllllyyyy need a new one! Any suggestions on good ones?)

My daughter is finally getting some hair on her head and we are starting to do a few pigtails and barrettes (if they will stay) but we are still doing alot of headbands and bows. Her small basket (the white one with the pink liner in the picture below) was overflowing with flowers, bows, and rosettes! 

I had been planning on making a frame to hold them like some of the ones I've seen on different blogs and on pinterest. (Blogger is not letting me put the pictures up for some reason...could be my computer!)

I've had a canvas sitting around for sometime not knowing what I wanted to do with it. And then I came across a hair bow board and it dawned on me! 

I laid down some newspaper, got the paints and stripped my daughter down to her diaper and we had an arts and crafts time! Here's what we came up with! 

We used 2 different colors of paint and both hands and feet. 
Then during nap time I pulled out all my pink ribbon and laid out my pattern. 
I used scotch tape to temporarily hold the ribbons in place on one end while I hot glued them to the back.
Then changed the tape to the other ends and removed as I got to each piece of ribbon.
I made sure to pull them pretty tight when gluing the 2nd end down. I don't want my bows wobbling all over!
Then I wrote her name, age, and the date on the edge!

Here it is with a few bows on it!

And the finished product sitting on her dresser along with the oatmeal container decorated to hold some of her headbands! The basket (mentioned earlier) still holds all her flowers and a few slim headbands. 

Have you made a bow board, frame, or holder lately?