Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Makeover

So my blog already got a makeover and its only a day old! I thought I liked the first look but after putting up my first post I hated all of it except the header. After doing some research, I found oodles and gobs of information about how to make buttons and navigation bars making new gadgets, etc! I had a lot of fun besides the head cold that is preventing me from thinking clearly or feeling like doing much of anything else. So thanks to Jen at Jenieshell's Design Challenge, I have a new blog button with scroll box, a signature, a favicon, and plans for a few other things! I can't wait to get soon as I can think a little more clearly. (It took longer than it should have to figure out the blog button.)  I have to say I am loving the look I have now. Hopefully I won't hate it after this post goes up!

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