Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project To Do List

I decided to make out a list of the projects I am either currently working on or should be working on. I am doing this for two reasons. One, so I can remind myself of all the things I currently want/have to do. Two, so I don't lose my list of things I currently want/have to do. :)

 1. Ruffle Skirt for Jelly Bean - Already have the piece cut, just need to finish. This is just an idea in my head.

 2. Another pillow case style dress for Jelly Bean - Again already cut

 3. Mail organizer - Haven't seen any tutorials I like, so I am making up my own

 4. Charlotte Dress Sew Along From Craftiness is Not Optional

Super cute, Right? Another outfit for Jelly Bean! If it turns out okay I'd like to make one for her Easter dress.
(I'd like to do her Sadie shirt sew along too)

 5. Decorations for the bridal shower coming up. I already have lots of ideas. I can't show pictures though, a certain guest of honor may see them! ;)

6. Seat Belt covers for Jelly Bean's carseat - Also from Craftiness is not optional

 7. Bow holder - seen lots of ways to do it, I haven't decided which to go with

 Wow do you see how much of this stuff is for Jelly Bean? 

Umm...Okay I know I had a bunch more things I want to make! I am going to blame it on the head cold and the fact that I left my notebook at church. Oops!

Oh well. I'll edit later if I can remember any more! Or if I get my notebook back!


  1. Your guest of honor must be a pretty cool person to be #5 on your to-do-list!!!

  2. Well the list wasn't technically in any specific order, so she could be higher on the list and not know it....and she is pretty cool. LOL


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