Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Post!!!!!!

Hi There! 
I have seriously been putting off my very first post as I did not have a clue what to say and I still don't. :) 
I figured I might as well hop to it and just write whatever comes out! 

To tell you a little about myself, My name is Lindsay, I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 3 years and we have a beautiful 7 month old daughter. If you ask my husband, he will tell you I am a serious craftaholic and craft blog follower. I will admit to you I have a problem but I do not care to do anything about it. I like myself just the way I am! :) I recently got a room in our house just for me and my crafts and it only makes the obsession worse. And the problem is? ;)

I decided to finally give my own blog a try. I hope to share my love of crafting, any projects I may work on and maybe bits and pieces of whatever else I feel like sharing! If you'd like to follow me or give me your feedback I'd love it! I will slowly figure this blog out! 

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