Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Dress Completed!

Tada! My baby's Easter Dress is finished! I am loving the way it turned out! I used this sew along tutorial with only one or two modifications. Her dress was for a 2 year old, where mine is for a very tiny 9 month old.

I used a cotton yellow sheet for both this and the Easter tie I made for her daddy. I used the sheet for the outside and the lining. I was afraid it may be a little sheer, but it wasn't a problem. The white is an eyelet material. On the sleeves and bottom, I only used one layer, but for the bib I put an extra layer behind the pleats to keep the yellow from showing through. I LOVE the pleats!

The back I used covered buttons. I don't have a button hole setting on my sewing machine so I started to do the holes by hand, and I quickly gave that up! I messed with my machine until I figured out how to do a button hole on my own! Actually not that bad! 

I made a matching diaper cover using this tutorial. My ruffles were being stubborn and not working out, so I used the last of my white ribbon and made ribbon ruffles instead!

Here's my little one modeling:

(Don't you just loooovvvveee the ruffles?!)

The pictures are horrible, but I was the only one home and couldn't get my fiery little girl to stay still long enough for a good one!! I'll post some better pictures later! Probably on Sunday with her Daddy in his matching tie!!
I'm so glad they're done! Now on to lion costumes!!


  1. Oh my word.....adorable. I loooooove that little dress. And of course, ruffles are always sweeter than ever on little bums. Too cute! :)


  2. so adorable! I love it! perfect in yellow. :)


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