Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Craft room

Just recently the extra room in our basement was no longer being used and I was able to take over use the room for my......wait for it.....CRAFT ROOM! :) 

I am loving having a room to myself so that I can make a mess cut, glue, sew, and whatever else I feel like doing to my hearts content! 

My husband's comment? "You really like having you're own room to craft, don't you?" Answer? "YES!!!" 

Its still a major work in progress but little by little it will get there. Want to see?

Art on the walls (finally got the dart board taken down and put in the garage), table to cut material, shelf with all my pens, thread, etc., and my little Jellybean playing in the corner! Not sure how that will work now that she's crawling! Yipe! 

A better look at the messy table and theres the desk across the way for sewing!!! :) 

Definitely has a long way to go, but it will get there! I should probably focus on it more, but my projects are so much more important fun! I'll post more pictures when it gets to looking better!

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