Friday, May 6, 2011

Fingerprint Mother's Day Cards

How did May sneak up on us so fast?

And what about Mother's Day? Can you believe it is this Sunday?

We have a couple of projects in the works for Mother's Day, but so far only one is completed. So I thought I would share that with you today! 

Fingerprint Flower Mother's Day cards!


There are not alot of pictures for this tutorial, but most of it is self explanatory. Hard to take pictures while trying to use a 9 1/2 month old's fingers!  (Safe to say I got a little over ambitious with this project!!)

You will need:
Ink Pads or Paint
Paper Towels
Scotch Tape
Paint Brushes (if you are using paints)

(Pssst!!! Just a side note...This is my first tutorial! Yay!!! Okay, back to the project)

1. Take your paper and cut in half lengthwise if you want your cards vertical, or width if you would like them horizontal. I went with vertical.  It helped to fold the paper in half both ways (see above picture). I cut on the middle line, and then already had the other fold for my card!

2. If you are using ink pads, skip to the next step. If you are using paints, stay right here, I'll tell you how to do it! Take your paper towel and fold in half until about 2 in by 3 in. take a small piece of tape to keep it from unfolding. Place a very small amount of paint on your paper towel and spread out completely with a brush. You just made your own ink pad!

(Please excuse the pictures. That's what I get when I try to do with a baby in my lap!)

3. Use your little ones finger prints (or your own) to make the centers of the flowers. I did about 3 to each card in random spots. Then add your petals! After trying to get the little one to do the first flower, I decided to do one with my finger prints, and my hubby to do one as well!

4. Using your marker or paints, add stems and leaves to your flowers.

5. Tada! You have some beautiful homemade cards made with your own hands fingers! You can either leave as is, or add a little message!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. Caaa-ute!! I love the idea of fingerprint Mother's Day cards! I may have to sneak this in as a late Mother's Day gift to Grandma from Little Man. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today. You have an adorable blog!!


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