Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Crafts

 Here are a few of the crafts I helped work on for my friends' wedding this past weekend. 

I had to doctor the pictures just a little so you could see what I was talking about. My husband took the pictures for me and seemed to be more interested in taking pictures of his guitar than the specific pictures that I wanted. See what I mean?

But at least we got a few good pictures of the wedding site:

(I think this was still another picture of his guitar and amps!)

We had such a beautiful day for an outside wedding! The weather man was calling for rain, but our prayers were answered and not a drop fell! There were no clouds in the sky, and the wind wasn't too bad either! 

Here are the pictures I really want to show you!

The basket was an old red and green wooden basket that the groom spray painted white as well as the shepherd's hooks you see. The ribbons in the basket are the tops of the programs.

The floral arrangements consist of the spray painted shepherd's hooks with coordinating ribbons and material tied to the backs to flow in the wind. We took ball jars and wrapped a heavy gauge wire around the mouth and up into a handle, then wrapped strips of yellow and yellow gingham material around to cover the wire a little on the mouth, but not the handles. She arranged to have the florist fill the jars with the flowers. They were beautiful!

The groom also made the sign at the bride's request! They didn't want a groom's side or a bride's side, just friends and family of both!

I wish I had gotten a few more pictures. I can't wait to see the professional ones once they get them back!


  1. It's beautiful! Where is this venue?!?

    New follower, fellow KC mom!

  2. Thanks for following me!
    It was so beautiful! This is at the Agricultural Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs. We had a beautiful day for an out side wedding!


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