Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey! It's me Sarah!

I am Sarah Lindsay's sister-in-law. Isn't she great!? I will let you know a little about me. I am a wife to a great husband.

And I like to say we have the cutest dog EVER! :)

I love anything crafty and decorating! Today I am going to show you a couple simple projects!
First I want to show you these mason jars I spray painted! All you have to do is grab some mason jars and whatever color spray paint you prefer and go to town. :)
I am trying to think of something to hold these on the wall... something like a plate holder in this picture but to hold these vases because I think that would be too cute. Are you seeing what I am seeing lol. Any ideas?

Next I took these cardboard boxes and sprayed them white, added some scrapbook paper and cut some vinyl lettering to label them for the bottom of my pantry! You could of course just throw a plain cardboard box in the bottom of your closet but I like pretty things!

Finally I cut a vinyl piece for my kitchen aid mixer! It is from the Story Book Cartridge and I did mine about 4".

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed...any feedback would be greatly appreciated since I am new at this!


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  1. Thanks for posting Sarah! I love the ideas you shared! Love the mason jar idea! Maybe make your own rack with a heavy gauge wire?


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